Thursday, April 16, 2009

Minnesota Politician Approvals

Amy Klobuchar has the highest approval rating of any US Senator PPP has tested in the last year. 62% of Minnesota voters like the job she's doing with just 25% dissenting.

Not surprisingly 87% of her own party's voters are behind her. But she also gets a 30% approval rating from Republicans, a higher level of crossover support than we find for most Senators. And she's very popular with independents as well, earning a 59/26 spread from them.

Another key to her popularity is that we don't see some of the gaps along demographic lines with her approval numbers that Democrats tend to have. For instance she has a 62% rating with both men and women, not exhibiting the usual gender gap that finds the party's politicians faring more poorly with men. Older voters are another demographic that tend to lean more toward the conservative side, but Klobuchar has a 71% approval with senior citizens, actually her best numbers among any age group.

For the last three months Klobuchar has been doing double duty while the state's other Senate seat is resolved, and voters seem to appreciate her for it.

Tim Pawlenty's numbers, although not terrible, tell a different story. 47% of voters approve of his work with 40% disapproving. He gets strong support from Republicans but only 19% of Democrats give him good marks, a much smaller level of bipartisan support than what Klobuchar is enjoying. He is over 50% with independents, leading his overall numbers into positive territory.

Full results here.

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