Monday, April 13, 2009

Issues in NC

The North Carolina poll we'll start releasing tomorrow shows moral and family values as the biggest issue for 17% of voters in the state. I think that's the highest we've ever found it. Any theories as to why that would be? The only thing I can think of is the recent moves toward gay marriage in Iowa and Vermont may have that more on voters' radar screens.

The trend is mostly just occurring among Republicans. Whereas a month ago 49% of them named the economy as their top concern with moral and family values second at 23% that gap has now narrowed to 38-29. I guess it's also possible that with the economy improving ever so slightly folks might feel like they have the 'luxury' to be concerned about something else.


Brandon K said...

Gay Marriage is probably the reason. Not sure why the tone of your post makes it sound like a bad thing though that people are focused on moral issues. Different people vote on different issues.

Ian Lazaran said...

You sound sad spoiler for Obama's approval rating tomorrow?

Brandon, nice to see you over here pal, hahaha.

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