Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Obama, Durbin Popular in Illinois

Barack Obama is putting up good approval numbers in his home state of Illinois, but they're about as polarized along party lines there as they are everywhere else, our newest numbers find.

He gets good marks from 61% of voters in the state, with 31% saying they disapprove of his performance. 91% of Democrats but only 22% of Republicans give him their approval. He's also earning strong marks from independents, with 55% of them saying he's doing a good job to only 32% who express the opposite opinion.

Obama's 22% rating from Republicans is slightly better than the 18% we recently found for him on a national basis but indicates that even in the state he spent four years representing in the Senate he's not getting a ton of crossover support for his work so far.

Obama is not surprisingly getting some of his best overall reviews from two of the groups that give him his highest levels of support last year. 88% of African Americans and 73% of voters under 30 are happy with the job he's done so far.

Dick Durbin's approval rating is 47% with 34% disapproving and 19% having no opinion. That ranks him 7th for home state popularity of 22 Senators PPP has done approval ratings for in the last year. It's interesting to note that while Obama's approval is a net +23 among independents, Durbin's is split right down the middle, perhaps an indication of voter unhappiness with Congress.

Full results here.

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