Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Minnesota ready for it to be over

Most Minnesota voters are ready for the state's Senate election to be resolved:

-63% think that Norm Coleman should concede.

-59% think Tim Pawlenty should certify Al Franken as the winner of the election.

-59% also think that Franken should be seated in the Senate immediately.

We broke the poll down based on who folks voted for in the fall. Not surprisingly 91% of Franken voters think that Coleman should give up. So do 81% of those who voted for Dean Barkley, and even 31% who supported Coleman.

92% of Franken supporters think that Pawlenty should certify the results and that he should be seated immediately. 73% of Barkley's voters think the outcome should be certified and 67% are in favor of Franken's being sworn in now. 23-24% of Coleman's backers support those moves.

Public opinion on these issues probably has a lot to do with most voters feeling that due process has been followed after the judicial ruling on Monday that Franken won the election, but voters in the state may also want an extra vote in the Senate to support the President's agenda. Barack Obama has an impressive 60/30 approval rating in Minnesota.

Full results here

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