Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Iraq done as a top issue in NC

As recently as December 2007 more North Carolinians named the War in Iraq as their top issue than anything else, with 30% saying it was their main concern followed by the economy at 28%. By January 2008 the economy had eclipsed it.

Still, the war remained near the top of the heap for much of 2008, still polling at 20% in a poll we released on July 1st. It was down to 15% by September 10th, then all the way to 11% by September 20th after the economy started really going bad, hit single digits for the first time on October 13th, and with our poll this month has now hit a new low at 4%.

It may be time to remove that as a response option and swap out something more generic about foreign policy or terrorism because Iraq clearly just is not at the top of very many voters' minds anymore.

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