Monday, April 27, 2009

Notes on Elon's Latest

A few things caught my attention in today's release from Elon:

-The first is that by a slight margin more North Carolinians think the federal government regulates business too little (35.1%) than regulates it too much (34.8%). I would not necessarily have expected that in this business friendly state.

-It's a different story when it comes to business and labor though. 51% of voters have an unfavorable opinion of labor unions compared to 31% who have a favorable one. When respondents were asked generally whether they think unions or business are in the right when there's a dispute 47% say business and 26% say unions. And by a 50-36 margin they think unions have a negative impact rather than a positive one on the economy.

I don't always put a ton of stock in Elon polls, more than anything else because they don't release full demographic breakdowns on who they interview, but these numbers generally back up similar private polling we've conducted.

Just another reminder that recent voting patterns notwithstanding we are still a pretty conservative state.

-63% of South Carolinians say they would have told Mark Sanford to take the state's share of the stimulus money, which is not surprising, and shows even in that conservative state some of his decisions are increasingly being seen as goofball. A quixotic Sanford Presidential bid would be entertaining to watch though.

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