Friday, July 23, 2010

Dem Numbers Getting Better

Back in April I wrote a blog post about how a lot of class of 2012 Democratic Senators were posting pretty bad approval ratings.

We've seen a lot of change in those numbers for three of those folks in the last month.

Sherrod Brown's approval has improved a net 11 points since March from -7 (32/39) to +4 (38/34).

Bill Nelson's has improved 9 points over a similar time period from -3 (37/40) to +6 (39/33).

And Bob Casey's since April has improved 8 points from -7 (31/38) to +1 (36/35).

None of those numbers are great and all three of these guys will probably be on Republican target lists in 2012. But the improvement is undeniable and I think reflective of Democrats generally being in better shape than they were at the height of the health care debate.

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Christian Liberty said...

Once again, we see that Obamacare was a detriment to the Democrats. They would have been better off dropping the stupid idea entirely.

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