Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The GOP field with disappointed Obama voters

We'll have our monthly 2012 poll out tomorrow but here's an interesting data point in advance of them.

Among the people who voted for Barack Obama in 2008 but don't approve of his job performance:

-Mitt Romney's favorability is 32/31 (+1)

-Newt Gingrich's is 32/40 (-8)

-Mike Huckabee's is 20/39 (-19)

-Sarah Palin's is 33/63 (-30)

Palin continues to be the most well liked of the leading 2012 contenders with GOP voters. Whether she's the one who can appeal to disaffected Obama voters is another story. And Gingrich and Huckabee don't appear to be in a great position to get the support of those folks either. Romney's numbers are the strongest but the data still suggests Republicans might be best off with someone outside the current top tier of candidates.


Anonymous said...

With Huckabee at 20/39, that only accounts for 59% -- thus, 41% are still undecided. As opposed to Gingrich (28% undecided) or Palin (only 4% undecided).

Much too early to be making any determinations on either Huckabee or Romney.

And if you threw in another candidate at this time with lower name recognition, the undecideds would be even greater.

Really all you can say about this poll is that neither Gingrich nor Palin have broad appeal.

The Interesting Times said...

One of the biggest political forces in the 1980s was the Reagan Democrats, Democrats who were so disillusioned with Carter that they voted for Reagan.

I have already noticed a number of interesting parallels between Reagan and Romney. Though these numbers show that Romney still has a long way to go, the ability to create "Romney Democrats" might just prove to be another parallel--if Romney can build on this advantage.

Anonymous said...

In other words, all Obama supporters should be pulling hard for Palin!

Huckapedia said...

TV Host / Governor Mike Huckabee is leading the way with (43) 2012 Presidential Poll Wins that he has received in the last 11 months.

Here are 10 reasons Huckabee will capture the Presidency in 2012.

1) Huckabee is by far the strongest 2012 candidate. His decade plus years of experience as a Governor outperforms all other candidates with far fewer years of experience or if any running a government.

2) Only Huckabee has the superior communication skills to outperform Obama in the all important Presidential Debates.

3) African Americans in large numbers voted for Obama. Only Huckabee has the appeal to pull in that voting group away from Obama.

4) Economy will still be in a recession during 2012 elections. Reagan came back in 1980 with his Supply Side economic package that stimulated the economy out of the Jimmy Carter recession years. Huckabee is by the strongest Pro-Fair Tax system of any candidate that will also stimulate the economy to bring in overseas jobs.

5) Location, Location, Location. Huckabee is now a resident of Florida where the elections will be decided. His electoral gains in Iowa, the South region and Florida will give him enough clinch the nomination.

6) Huckabee will fair much better in the Northeast states this time around. His outpouring support in New York City with his hit TV show will help him capture NH voters.

7) Media coverage - Huckabee will secure the most coverage. His Huckabee TV Show in NYC has been rated #1 every week in a row in 2010 by Nielsen TV ratings except one week during the Olympics. Huckabee's new daily syndicated show will furhter expand his media presence.

8) Huckabee has an advantage with a VP pick than the other candidates. His running mate can perfectly complement him. Due to the polarization of other candidates, their pick for VP will not gain them much in electoral votes.

9) For every action there is an opposite and equal reaction. Obama's far left liberal push will energize the voters on the right to get out an vote to pull the direction back to center and up with Vertical Politics with Huckabee championing the way.

10) Rock Star iconic image - Only Huckabee has that iconic celebrity image (Bass guitar player for rock band) and his superior witty super quick communication skills gives him the upper hand in strong fan supporters.

Check out all (43) 2012 Presidential Poll Wins by Huckabee. The Gigantic Network of Huckabee Fans around the country continue to swell at an astronomical blistering pace.

Just google: Huckabee Fan Club

Anonymous said...

Ron Paul was polled, correct?

Where was he, or do we have to wait until tomorrow?

Anonymous said...

It is way to early to think about 2012. If the economy remains weak and unemployment remains high Obama will lose to any Republican. It still doesn't change the fact that both Democrats and Republicans both suck. They both expand Government and take away freedom from the American people.

Political said...

Mitt is going to bring America back in 2012!

If the video at doesn't give you real hope, I don't know what will.

DBL said...

Mike Huckabee will never be able to sell Republican voters on his national sales tax, let alone independents. I believe that no matter how charismatic you are, and he is, no matter how socially conservative you are, and he is, the one area that will win the Republican nomination is fiscal. I don't see Huckabee convincing Republicans that he can cut spending and regulation, and create an environment where the private sector lead us into prosperity. It's not relevant if you think he can. You need to convince people like me.

Gary said...

Remember, these are democrats.

Among Republicans and Independents, in every poll, Sarah Palin leads all comers for the Republican nomination.

She's the one who has the sole claim to the Reagan legacy as well.

2012 will be 1980 all over again. She'll win in a landslide.

No one else can pull that off.

Lucas said...

No Ron Paul? Why kind of poll is that?

Dustin Ingalls said...

"Among Republicans and Independents, in every poll, Sarah Palin leads all comers for the Republican nomination."

In favorability among the Republican primary electorate, yeah, but she isn't getting much traction in the actual primary vote for president. Gingrich, Huckabee, and Romney regularly top her, though it's pretty close between the four in most places. Among all voters, Palin is very unpopular, more so than Obama, and she still gets the worst standing of the Republicans against Obama.

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