Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Undecideds in Ohio

The Ohio Senate race is shaping up as one of the closest in the country for this fall, and one thing that is particularly interesting about it is how many undecideds there are. With neither candidate all that well known, 22% of voters have not yet decided who to vote for.

A look at who those undecideds are tells a story of folks who are mad at both the Democrats and Republicans in Washington- and whose undecided status may be a reflection of their not knowing who they should be madder at.

52% of the undecideds in the Senate race disapprove of President Obama to 35% who like the job he's doing. They don't think much of the Democrats in Congress either- only 26% have a like the job they're doing.

Those numbers might seem bad- but they pale in comparison to how negatively those voters feel about Congressional Republicans- only 10% approve of the job they're doing while 61% disapprove. So these voters are down on President Obama and the Democratic majority- but their most negatives feelings are toward the Republican minority.

These are folks who normally would vote to 'throw the bums out.' But they think the alternative is even bigger bums. It'll be interesting to see how folks like this across the country end up voting this fall- and it could determine whether Democrats keep control of the House and a healthy majority in the Senate or not.


Matt Wright said...

Amazing data. This political climate is so in flux, it is hard to predict what's going to happen.

Anonymous said...

You're obviously biased to the hilt. Yes, we'll see in November who the american people really think are "bummier". Stay away from the medicine cabinet.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 4:01 PM must not have appreciated that your information here did not follow the carefully constructed & generally adhered to meme which forecasts big trouble for the Democrats in November. Most of the sheeplike media are following that message of lurking trouble without looking carefully behind polling numbers.
Take care with your own medicine cabinet.

John C said...

Wow, anonymous above represents the typical Republican hypocritical response: throwing stones with no alternatives. He actually proves the Poster's point. The Republicans are BUMs. Period. They led us into this rabbit hole and now you want them back?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 3:13 and john C.,
I don't know what you guys are smoking but you ought to quit. Either that or the both of you need to start finding out for yourselves a little bit more about what you clearly don't know anything about before you start posting your rather idiotic comments here.

Anonymous at 3:13, YES - the Democrats are definitely going to take a real butt whoopin come this next November. That, my friend, is an undeniable reality. The only thing that can be reasonably debated at this point is just how severe that beating is going to be. As for the "sheeplike" media that you referred to - that are not, as you put it, "... looking carefully behind polling numbers", is actually laughable. In reality, that comment (by you) says far more about your ignorace to the facts - and less about what the media is or is not doing. It is you and not the media who needs to be looking at the polling numbers.

As for you, John C, you sound more
like an immature teenager, thinking that you know something that in reality know absolutely nothing about - who, at the same time throws aspersions at those that don't agree with your illbegotten idiocy. Talk about "throwing stones with no alternatives" Okay genious, how about you giving the rest of us some of your most profound wisdom. I'll be waiting! In the meantime try to grow up - little boy.

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