Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Where LeBron stands in Florida

Miami Heat fans are, as you would expect, very happy about LeBron James joining their team. The rest of the state is letting out a collective yawn.

69% of Floridians on our most recent poll said they were not at all excited about James coming to the Heat. 19% said they were very excited and 12% said they were somewhat excited. 74% of respondents who described themselves as Heat fans said they were 'very excited' but among all respondents who did not identify as Heat fans only 8% expressed that sentiment.

The lack of enthusiasm about James coming to the Heat may be reflective of a general lack of interest in the NBA among Floridians. Asked whether they were fans of the Heat or of the Orlando Magic 65% said they were not fans of either team with 18% calling themselves Magic fans and 16% going with the Heat.

Folks in Florida do view James more favorably than the country as a whole does. 27% have a favorable opinion of him while 21% view him unfavorably. That's a lot better than the 19/29 split we found for him nationwide a week and a half ago. Among all Floridians who are not Heat fans James' favorability of 17/26 mirrors his national numbers closely. But Heat fans see him positively by a 76/1 ratio and that brings up his overall numbers considerably.

Poll numbers aren't of much relevance to basketball players but it's pretty clear LeBron is not going to be a big statewide figure in Florida the way he might have been in Ohio.

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