Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Off Shore Drilling: Crist Sides Florida Voters

Yesterday in a special session of the Florida legislature, Republican lawmakers shot down Governor Crist’s proposed amendment to the Florida Constitution that would ban off shore drilling. While Crist may have lost the battle, he may have come out on the right side of debate. Like the Governor, Florida voters have changed their minds about off shore drilling, they now oppose drilling 51:39%.

Crist sided with Floridians and it might help him gain votes and win the election.

It’s true Florida Republicans support drilling 54:36. But independents oppose drilling 53:39 and Democrats oppose drilling 65:23. Moderates don’t support off shore drilling either 58 to 34%. Since leaving the Republican Party, Crist has been drawing more support from Democrats and moderates. This is another sign of Crist’s truly severed ties with the Republican Party. He has set out to represent Floridians and have an ideologically diverse base of supporters. This was another good move in that direction.

Florida Congressional Republicans are successfully representing Florida Republicans but that may not be a successful campaign strategy.

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