Thursday, July 1, 2010

Ohio Remainders

Here are some of the other key findings from the Ohio poll we did last weekend:

-Sherrod Brown has seen significant improvement in his approval numbers since PPP looked at the state in March. 38% of voters approve of the job he's doing to 34% disapproving for a +4 spread. That's an 11 point improvement on the margin from the previous poll which had found 32% approving and 39% disapproving of Brown for a -7 spread. Brown had very negative numbers with independents previously but is now breaking even and he's also seen an increase in support from 53% to 61% approval within his own party.

The improvement in Brown's numbers is very consistent with what we saw for Bob Casey in Pennsylvania last week. Polls taken at the height of the health care debate may have resulted in depressed numbers for Democratic Senators and with that issue in the rear view mirror they're now seeing their numbers revert to more positive ground. Brown's still probably in for a somewhat competitive reelection bid though- 45% of voters say they're inclined to reelect him in 2012 right now while 41% say they would pick his Republican opponent.

-In the Attorney General contest former Senator Mike DeWine's in a tight race as he attempts to make his political comeback. He leads with 44% to 41% for incumbent Democrat Richard Cordray. Just four years out of the Senate 32% of Ohio voters say they have no opinion about DeWine, a reminder of how quickly politicians can be forgotten after they leave the stage, particularly in a state as large as Ohio. Those who do have an opinion on DeWine are nearly evenly divided about him with 35% seeing him favorably and 34% unfavorably. His lead is largely attributable to a 48-30 advantage over Cordray with independents.

-Ohio has several important House races this year that may be critical in determining the balance of power for the next Congress and voters in the state are almost evenly divided in how they plan to vote this fall. 44% say they'll vote Republican for the House while 43% say they'll go Democratic. That's mainly because independents are leaning toward the GOP by a 42-25 margin. Republicans are also slightly more unified around their party- 86% say they'll vote for their nominee to 84% of Democrats who say the same. Voters in the state certainly don't think much of either party in Congress. Congressional Democrats have a 33/58 approval rating and the Congressional GOP is even worse at 20/64.

Full results here


Christian_Liberty said...

It's Republican's fault for getting off-message (as Democrat pollster Pat Caddell agrees). If people were reminded of the disastrous tyranny that is Obamacare, Democrats' numbers would still be down and support for REPEAL would still be higher.

Democrats should not be misled into thinking that America will actually tolerate their tyranny. November will still a massive landslide defeat of Democrats.

Christian Liberty said...

Obamacare will only become more unpopular the more America learns how the bill will effect them.

Christian Liberty said...

60% Favor Repeal of Health Care Law, Just 41% See Repeal as Likely

Americans clearly want Obamacare REPEALED. They are just frustrated that Republicans are not making a stronger effort to free us from the tyranny of Obamacare.

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