Friday, July 16, 2010

Sarah Palin the Next RNC Chair?

Michael Steele is losing the support of the Republican Party. 27% of Republicans said he should step down as RNC Chair and 45% said they’re not sure about the fate of his career. Worst off Republicans in his own state don’t like him; only 42% of Maryland Republicans have favorable views of their former Lieutenant Governor. Republicans are notoriously allegiant which makes these numbers more dooming than they would be for a Democrat. It may be time for Steele to step down as chair.

There may be another candidate for the job. In many ways Sarah Palin has taken on leadership roles of the party. The media has featured her as a prominent conservative voice in politics. She has traveled the country endorsing candidates and helping them raise money. 59% of Republicans said her endorsement would make them more likely to vote for a candidate. She is widely popular amongst Republicans; 70% of Republicans have a favorable view of the former Governor. No other leading Republican has nearly as high of approval ratings.

But in a race for her party’s Presidential nomination, she falls squarely behind three other candidates, all less popular. This suggests that even though Republicans like Palin, they don’t have Presidential aspirations for their former Vice Presidential nominee.

However, when asked if Sarah Palin should become the Chair of the RNC, 44% of Republicans said yes and 29% said they were not sure. Republicans may think that Palin is a better campaigner than a Commander and Chief.

While she might make Republicans happier as the RNC Chair, it isn’t entirely clear that she’ll be good for rebuilding the Republican image. She still is a very divisive figure in America. 51% of Americans said an endorsement by Sarah Palin would make them less likely to vote for a candidate. But, currently, it may be in the Republicans’ better interest to work on reuniting the traditionally tightly woven party and Palin may be the woman for the job. She could be successful at bringing together Republicans and Tea Partiers.

It would undoubtedly be interesting to see Sarah Palin become the next RNC Chair.


Anonymous said...

He is supposed to be a leader of the Republican Party yet he cannot even get his words to align with the party's views. While he is certainly entertaining, he is failing to raise the needed funds or provide strategic guidance the way that Dean did for the Dems in 2010.

He needs to step down...but he won't. He is too busy fighting for his job, and he just kicked off his speaking tour – the 2 Legit 2 Quit tour, to be exact.

VERY about it here:

DBL said...

The RNC chair isn't the leader of the Republican party, but the leader of the Republican National Committee. The RNC not only doesn't set policy. Policy isn't even considered. The party chairman has two jobs, raising money and getting Republicans elected. It is not to appear on talk shows, say controversial things, and be the face of the party.

Tim Kaine understands this. He's largely unknown and doesn't say controversial things. That's what you want in a party chair.

Sarah Palin could do a good job of raising money and contrary to Elena's assertion she could be at least as effective in getting candidates elected as Barack Obama will be this fall. She can get out the Republican vote, just as he can get the Democratic vote out, and her unpopularity can be minimized by the events she holds.

Sarah Palin has, however, created a Sarah Palin brand. She isn't going to suppress that for the party's brand. Republicans think Michael Steele talks too much and she'll be even more controversial.

She can be a GOP asset, but not as the RNC chair.

The Interesting Times said...

Personally I don't think Palin would be interested in the job. In my opinion it seems more like she's trying to position herself as the new William F. Buckley, Jr.

Dustin Ingalls said...

I think DBL is pretty much spot-on. As a Democrat, I welcome Sarah Palin being elevated to anything official--RNC Chair, presidential nominee, etc. I just salivate at that field-day.

charlie krakau said...

steele and palin are nut jobs and dont reflect well on our party growth. nut jobs dont set well with independents

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