Friday, July 16, 2010

Looking Ahead on Financial Reform

Now that the financial reform bill has passed, Democrats need to go out and sell it just like they do the health care bill. When we polled on financial reform in May 46% of Americans said they trusted Democrats most on the issue, compared to just 36% who said they trusted Republicans. But when it came to opinion on the bill itself only 38% said they supported it while 37% were opposed.

Voters knew they trusted Democrats more on the issue but they didn't necessarily know that much about what the bill entailed. Finding a way to effectively communicate that this fall will be key to actually making this a winning issue for the party.

While independents turned against Democrats on health care they're very much on the side of the party when it comes to financial reform. That poll found a 19 point edge for the party on the issue with 42% saying they trusted Democrats more on financial reform and only 23% siding with the Republicans. But with independents there was an even larger disconnect between trusting the Democrats and supporting their bill- opinion on the legislation itself was only 41/40 in favor. There's a lot of potential benefit for the party on this but we'll have to see how it plays out.

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SPN Headlines said...

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Peace! :-)

Christian Liberty said...

"There's no longer any question whether this White House can close a sale. Its problem is the country doesn't like what it's selling."

Obama, Pelosi, and Reid can make congressional Democrats jump, but their unpopular agenda shall become their downfall.

"there's every reason to believe the financial overhaul—like stimulus and health care—proves more political liability than political benefit... That's because, like stimulus and health care, Democrats turned the financial regulation bill into a monstrosity. What started as a promise to streamline and modernize the financial system turned into 2,300 pages of new agencies and new powers for the very authorities that fomented the financial crisis. The bill is laden with uncertainty and brimming with costly regulations on small businesses. Sen. Chris Dodd and Rep. Barney Frank made it easy for Republicans to pronounce their bill more Obama Big Government—a "Main Street takeover"—and to justify their votes against it."

Democrats are digging their own graves with every monstrosity they pass.

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