Monday, July 12, 2010

NC Opinion on Runoffs

North Carolina voters support continuing to have runoff elections, but they think the candidates requesting them should be forced to cover their costs.

41% of voters in the state support continuing to pick party nominees in a runoff when no candidate gets at least 40% of the vote in the primary. 32% think North Carolina should no longer have runoffs and 27% of voters don't have an opinion either way. There is no division along party lines when it comes to the issue- Democrats support keeping runoffs 42/28, Republicans do so 40/36, and independents do by a 39/34 spread.

Voters support maintaining runoffs but in the wake of a statewide one last month that drew little interest they think the candidates requesting them should foot the bill. 56% of North Carolinians would like to see that move made to 24% opposed. Majorities of Republicans, (60%) independents, (56%), and Democrats (52%) all support a move toward campaigns paying for runoff elections.

The Legislature's gone home and this is not a top priority for voters in the state but making campaigns fund runoffs would be a rare initiative with bipartisan support from the public.

Full results here

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