Friday, April 3, 2009

Next Week...

We're in the field in Kentucky right now. Jim Bunning has had lots more drama since Kos polled the race in February so we were interested to see the state of it now. One thing I can tell you unequivocally based on the numbers I've seen so far- there's no doubt the GOP would be better off with Trey Grayson as its nominee and that's not because of what will happen to Bunning's numbers after the Democrats spend millions attacking him, that's because of how poor his numbers already are.

We're going in the field in North Carolina next week. I'm happy to entertain suggestions for who we should poll hypothetically against Richard Burr. We'll keep on testing make believe candidates until we have some real ones. We'll probably also take another look at Roy Cooper vs. Burr since we haven't done it since December. It would just be interesting to see if there are any new storylines within those numbers.

Any other ideas for NC poll questions are welcome as well.

I'm off to the Final Four after work today. I grew up in metro Detroit so the prospect of sleeping in my own bed to see the Tar Heels win the national championship is a pretty good one. When I was home in December I saw UNC crush MSU at Ford Field and then saw Michigan beat Dook in Ann Arbor three days later so I have good karma for basketball games I've gone to in the state so far this year...blogging may be light at the start of the week...Go Heels!

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DavidNYC said...

How about Brad Miller? His name came up a couple of years ago w/r/t taking on Liddy Dole.

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