Thursday, June 18, 2009

Burr talks out of both sides of his mouth

This morning Richard Burr's campaign floated numbers from an internal poll that showed him leading Elaine Marshall.

Nothing unusual there, except that less than two weeks ago Burr made these comments to the News&Observer:
In an interview last week, Burr shrugged off repeated surveys by Democratic polling firm Public Policy Polling about potential opponents. The firm has pitched Burr against a variety of potential Democratic contenders, most of whom have dropped out of the race.

"I think it's ridiculous to go through hypothetical head-to-heads," Burr said.

"The next election is not even something I'm thinking about. Nor should I, until I know who I'm running against," he said.

Burr said he hasn't run any of his own polls yet.

"Why should I poll?" he asked. "I don't know who I'm running against."

So barely two weeks after calling us 'ridiculous' for testing hypothetical opponents against him he's doing it himself? What could have changed in two weeks to change his attitude so much? This is truly a bizarre development given his recent comments.


Anonymous said...

This poll did not come from the Richard Burr campaign. It came from Carolina Strategy Group. Burr is not talking out of both sides of his mouth.

Tom Jensen said...

You mean the Carolina Strategy Group run by Burr's main consultant?

Will the Burr campaign be getting Roll Call to do a retraction of its story referring to this as a Burr survey?

Will Senator Burr be calling Mr. Shumaker 'ridiculous' for testing hypothetical opponents against him.

That is pure spin.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Jensen,
Just pointing it out. According to Burr his campaign has not done any polling. Just because a client of Mr. Shumaker happens to be Burr doesnt mean the Burr campaign is polling. It would be like saying the Etheridge campaign releases polling everytime you all do a poll because he is a client of yours.

Anonymous said...

Talk about spin? You guys are the champions of spin!

Tom Jensen said...

Mr. Shumaker talked about the poll on the record and was identified as a spokesman for Burr...whether the Burr campaign paid for the poll or not it sure has its hands on it.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Jensen,
Who has their hands on your polls?

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