Thursday, June 4, 2009

NC tepid on Sotomayor Confirmation

Just 39% of North Carolina voters say they think the Senate should confirm Sonia Sotomayor's nomination to the Supreme Court, while 43% say it should not and 18% are unsure.

It's pretty easy to pinpoint why the numbers break down that way. Republicans in the state are more opposed to her confirmation than Democrats are supportive of it. 72% of GOP voters say the Senate should turn her down with only 13% expressing a desire for approval. Among Democrats 59% think she should be confirmed and 24% are opposed. Independents are almost evenly split with 37% opposing Sotomayor and 33% in favor.

There is a gender gap in the numbers, although it is not huge. 47% of men think she should not be confirmed, while just 40% of women feel that way.

The bottom line on these numbers as it relates to Kay Hagan and Richard Burr is that with public opinion pretty much split on her in the state they don't really have anything to gain or lose no matter how they vote on her confirmation.

Full results here.

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Unknown said...

Interesting--Part of this is a lack of Latino voters in NC, and also some resistance from white voters.

Have the Republicans succeeded in their attacks?

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