Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Ohio Approval Ratings

51% of Ohio voters approve of Barack Obama's job performance, with 40% disapproving.

His numbers break down pretty much the same way they do everywhere else. He is very popular within his own party (an 81% approval rating), not very popular with Republicans (11%), and getting relatively mixed reviews from independents (49%).

He has maintained his strong appeal to moderate voters in the state, with 61% of them giving him good marks and just 29% negative ones. There's a significant gender gap in his approval, as he earns a +22 rating from women (55/33) but is in slightly negative territory with women (46/48).

Both of Ohio's Senators find approval ratings below 40%. Sherrod Brown is the slightly more popular one, with 38% of voters giving him good marks and 36% dissenting. A quarter of the state's population has no opinion about him either way.

George Voinovich's numbers are in negative territory, with 44% disapproving and 37% approval. Bad approval numbers for Voinovich have been a constant in PPP's polling- when we last looked at in August the numbers were 30/38- and he's not seeing a wave of popularity in the wake of his retirement. Missouri Senator Kit Bond had shown mediocre approval numbers last summer, then a major improvement after he announced he would not run again but that is not the case in Ohio.

Ohio, along with North Carolina, is one of just two states where PPP has found approval ratings for both Senators under 40. It's partially that Voinovich and Brown aren't that popular, but also a function of the fact that you find a lot more voters with no opinion in bigger states.

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