Sunday, June 21, 2009

Obama popularity at lowest in NC

It's not a huge drop, but at 50%, Barack Obama's approval rating is the lowest it's been in North Carolina since he took office. It's fluctuated between 51 and 54% until this survey.

His numbers in the state peaked at 54% in April. Since then he's seen a modest decline in his reviews from Democrats, from 85% to 81% and an up tick in the proportion of Republicans disapproving of him from 74% to 80%. With independents he's pretty steady, as 49% approve and 43% disapprove.

Just as there was at the polls last fall there is a major urban/rural divide in how the state's voters see Obama, with 73% of urban but only 41% of rural voters saying he's doing a good job.

His approval remains at a strong 92% with African Americans but only 37% of whites give him good marks with 53% disapproving, numbers roughly equal to what he earned at the ballot box in November.

He is most popular in the Triangle, Charlotte, and the northeastern part of the state with his weakest reviews coming from voters in the mountains.

One thing's for sure: even if Obama's popularity has declined modestly since he took office he is still far more popular than the Governor or either of the state's Senators, and continues to be considerably more well liked than his predecessor in the White House.

Full results here

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Brandon said...

Hmmm, that last paragraph sounds a little it his recent downturn in polling over at Gallup? Or could it be his less-than-mediocre numbers over at Rasmussen? Either way, it looks like voters are breaking away from their honeymoon-phase, and you guys may have to cope w/ a president that is a little less popular in reality than he seems in your dreams (you know, cause you all do dream of him frequently, right?)

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