Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Those liberals at Civitas...

Today Civitas came out with a poll showing Barack Obama's NC approval rating at 66%, with Bev Perdue's at 47% and Kay Hagan's at 40%. Our most recent look at each of them had Obama's approval at 51, Perdue's at 34, and Hagan's at 33. In other words the conservative polling firm shows these three Democratic officials with an average approval rating 12 points higher than we do.

There are a couple take aways from this:

-Although I think Civitas' issue polling is often biased and serves no point other than to push their policy agenda, I think the way their polls are conducted is perfectly sound and yields reasonable horse race and approval numbers.

-The second is that I just continue to think that voters are more willing to be negative about their politicians on automated polls than to live interviewers. For almost every politician we do approval ratings for they get worse numbers than any other poll shows- and that's true for both Democrats and Republicans. I can't remember us getting criticized any time in the near past for putting out an approval on someone that was too high.

We're going to be putting out a pretty stunning poll on a midwestern Governor up for reelection next year early next week.


Chris said...

Well geez, Tom. If I didn't know better, I might think that was almost a backhanded compliment.

And our issue polling is just as agenda driven as yours, so if ours serves no point, what does yours serve?

Unknown said...

Ritter is looking even worse? I hope not.

Hopefully its Gibbons or Brewer.

Unknown said...

Midwestern governor, hmm?

My first guess would be Culver, with an approval rating in the low 30s.

Possibly Doyle with an even worse result, but he may not be running.

Darsh said...

I'm willing to be the midwestern governor is Doyle (D-WI); his approval numbers are very low from what I've seen.

Anonymous said...

I guess it will be either Culver or Doyle.

If you polled WI, did you also poll Barbara Lawton's chances in a General Election ?

To Sean:

CO, NV and AZ are in the South West, not in the Mid-West ...

Unknown said...

Hah, No idea why my mind went to the SW for the MW. Ah well, still fried from the Election.

Anyways, Doyle or Culver would not surprise me.

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