Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Perdue approval drops further

Last month Bev Perdue's approval rating was 34%...now it's down to 30%. 53% of voters in the state disapprove of the job she's doing and 17% aren't sure.

Perdue's approval has now dropped 13 points from the 43% level she had in February. Most of the erosion in her support has come from the Democratic base- what was a 66% approval rating among voters in her party is now just 46%. She's had a ten point decline with independents and just a three point one with Republicans, most of whom didn't approve of her performance to begin with.

Previous polling showed she was unpopular with teachers and state employees, two key elements of the Democratic coalition, and the realities of the economy have kept her from rolling out and developing the sorts of programs that might win her popularity with progressive voters.
It's also pretty clear that voters in the state are now holding her responsible for the tough economic climate, where Washington absorbed most of the blame during the Bush years. PPP is finding unusually low approval ratings for Governors in several states right now even as the President remains popular.

Perdue now has a negative approval rating in every region of the state.

Full results here

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