Thursday, June 18, 2009

Who Doyle needs to win over

Our polling this week showed that while Barack Obama, Russ Feingold, and Herb Kohl are all pretty popular with Wisconsin voters, Jim Doyle's approval rating is in the tank. That means Doyle's path back to solid ground politically is largely predicated on winning back over those generally progressive leaning voters who have soured on him but are still generally supportive of Democrats in the state.

Only 56% of voters who approve of the job Feingold is doing in the Senate also approve of how Doyle is doing as Governor. Usually when you have a Governor and Senator of the same party you would see an alignment in their popularity closer to 80%.

Who are the voters that like Feingold but not Doyle? 25% of them are moderate independents, 24% are moderate Democrats, and 21% are liberal Democrats. So he basically has some work to do shoring up his base and winning over voters in the middle...pretty much the formula for any electoral victory. He has a little more than 16 months to make it happen.

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