Sunday, June 21, 2009

More on the Williams/Krzyzewski Poll

I saw a bunch of commentary around the blogosphere to the effect that our polling showing Roy Williams was more popular with North Carolinians than Mike Krzyzewski was stupid because UNC has a bigger fan base.

I already pointed out that Williams was more well liked by Duke fans than Krzyzewski is by UNC fans, but here's another statistic on that point:

-Among respondents who are not UNC fans 53% view Williams favorably and 12% negatively.

-Among those who are not Duke fans 47% have a positive opinion of Krzyzewski and 15% have a negative one.

In other words, Williams is at +41 among folks who are not his partisans and Krzyzewski is at +32, for a disparity of nine points. That is smaller than the overall 14 point disparity when all respondents are included, but it still shows Williams more popular even when you control for the size of the two teams' fanbases.

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