Friday, June 5, 2009

Coming next week...

The final Virginia primary poll will be out Sunday night or some time Monday. I will give an update Sunday about whether it will be coming out that night or the next day. I'm sure I will post some teasers over the weekend as the poll runs as well.

We're also going to have a 2010 Alabama Governor poll, as well as approvals on the state's major politicians, some time later in the week.

And we'll have our big monthly North Carolina poll going into the field at the end of next week so any suggestions on questions we should ask are welcomed. I'm thinking about asking more generic stuff related to the Burr seat than polling specific people against him for this one but if there are any serious potential candidates we should try against him but haven't yet we'll consider including them.

Have a good weekend, let's hope the Heels make it to Omaha again this weekend and good luck to our ACC friends at Clemson, Virginia, and Florida State as well.

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