Monday, June 15, 2009

NC voters itching for change

Last week we asked generically on our North Carolina poll whether voters would support incumbents or challengers if there was an election today. The result wasn't even close, with 44% saying challengers and just 13% saying incumbents.

That speaks to a pretty high level of dissatisfaction with government right now, but the question is whether either party will be able to capitalize on it:

-It provides an opportunity for Democrats with Richard Burr, especially given his own poor numbers. But when is a strong challenger going to take the plunge and enter the race?

-It also provides an opportunity for Republicans to finally regain control of the legislature...but can they put together the kind of coherent, appealing message necessary to get to the voters in the middle who they've been losing out on election after election?

The broad unhappiness voters have with their elected officials right now provides both parties with some chances for success next year...whether either will take advantage remains to be seen.

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