Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Kissell not among top GOP targets

Swing State Project reports that the NRCC shared their top 13 targets for next year with National Journal, and Larry Kissell's not on the list.

I certainly don't find that surprising for three reasons:

1) Kissell won by ten points last year. It wasn't like it was one of the closer races.

2) For all the talk about how important black turnout was to his success, the truth is that in 2006 he came within a hair of winning with low black turnout but more importantly- no money! He certainly won't have the latter problem again next year.

3) The Republicans have not had a lot of success with recruitment. Their main target, at least publicly, was the odd choice of Mike Minter and he turned them down.

I'm not trying to claim the GOP has given up here by any means but there are certainly greener pastures.

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