Friday, October 16, 2009

Edwards even less popular in NC than nationally

When it comes to John Edwards' popularity apparently familiarity breeds contempt.

A new Gallup survey today finds that 59% of Americans nationally have an unfavorable opinion of him to just 21% that see him in a positive light.

Those numbers are pretty bad, but they compare favorably to the reviews he got the last time we polled about him in North Carolina. 69% of voters in the state said they didn't like him. So much for a home field advantage.

That would seem to indicate Edwards is one politician where the better you know him the less you like him.


Mike said...

North Carolinians were more personally involved, thus more likely to be upset.

Rasmus said...

Also, the more important thing here is probably the favorable/unfavorable ratio. Even though Gov. Hoeven of North Dakota is incredibly popular there, more North Dakotans will view him unfavorably than North Carolinians.

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