Friday, October 23, 2009

The Generic Ballot

Voters are unhappy with both parties in Congress right now and that is opening the door for more third party candidates, like Doug Hoffman in NY-23, to perhaps have some success next year.

49% of voters disapprove of the job Democrats in Congress are doing right now, to 37% approving. That looks downright popular compared to the Republicans though- they have a 61% disapproval rating and only 21% thinking they're doing a good job. The GOP Congressional leadership isn't even well liked by its own party- 45% of Republicans disapprove to 43% approving.

The disgust with both parties has some voters looking for an alternative. On the generic Congressional ballot 40% of respondents say they'll vote Democratic next year to 29% choosing a Republican and 22% saying they would like to vote for an independent or third party candidate.

The desire for a third party candidate is stronger among Republicans (19%) than Democrats (10%), an indication that the conservative insurrection playing itself out in the New York special election could become a broader trend next year.

Asked just to choose between the two major parties voters pick Democrats by a 48-40 margin.

Full results here

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