Thursday, October 29, 2009

What race are you most interested in?

This weekend we'll be polling Virginia, New Jersey, NY-23, Maine, Charlotte, and Chapel Hill. The surveys will finish their field periods Sunday night and then we'll crunch the numbers for each poll and release them one by one until we finish them all sometime in the middle of the night.

Because of that more than likely we'll have one poll that gets released around 10- and another that doesn't get released until about 3 AM. So in the spirit of democracy and because I'm interested in what races people care about the most, vote in the poll at the top of the page for which race you're most interested in, and we'll do the polls Sunday night in order of your preference.

And follow the blog and Twitter over the weekend for earlier observations on any trends in the polls that are clear before we've calculated the final numbers.


Anonymous said...

Carborro mayoral race not generating much enthusiasm?

Anonymous said...

I´m curious:

Could you also swap in a CA-10 poll because it looks like the Republican Harmer could have a chance against Democrat Garamendi and I´m not sure if SurveyUSA will poll the race again for the GE.

Anonymous said...

If Maine retains same sex marriage, Snowe (& collins too?) will be more open to working with Obama and the Democrats. For they are each legacy Republicans and out of touch with the interests of Maine voters. But how long until the RINO hunters show up?

Rasmus said...

Well, not only North Carolinians are reading this blog. And why would I as a German be interested in North Carolina mayoral elections?

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