Monday, October 26, 2009

New Jersey Poll Preview

Some folks thought it was a little odd when Chris Christie went on the air with negative ads against independent candidate Chris Daggett a few weeks ago but it seems to have been a good idea.

Two weeks ago Daggett's fav/unfav was 30/24. Now it's 31/36. And Daggett's negative rating with Republicans has increased by 16 points, compared to 6 among Democrats.

Daggett has the same level of support he did two weeks ago, but now he seems to be hurting Jon Corzine more than Christie.

A couple other points on the overwhelmingly negative nature of this race:

-Last week in Virginia 44% of respondents said they were very excited to vote this year Only 32% in New Jersey say the same. In New Jersey 35% say they are not very excited. In Virginia just 24% expressed that sentiment. I don't think you're going to see very good turnout in NJ.

-38% of voters in New Jersey say their main reason for turning out is to vote against someone, rather than for one of the candidates.

We'll have these numbers out in the morning.


Anonymous said...


Any opinion on Bassman Research? It appears that Hoffman is going to get a win. Internals are now provided as well.

Anonymous said...


That CFG poll is crap. 300 people with a ~6% Moe? Really?

Darsh said...

That club for growth poll has a sample size of 300 and is within the margin of error.

Alexander Higgins said...

Can We get the stats that are showing that Daggett is hurting Corzine worse than Christie?

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