Monday, October 19, 2009

Maine Poll Preview


We'll release the numbers on the gay marriage ban. It pretty much literally could not be any closer and will all come down to who turns out. Judging by the approval rating we found for Obama in the state it looks like it will be a more conservative leaning electorate than what the state saw last fall. It could be determined by the age distribution of the voters- do young people come out or do senior citizens dominate the electorate?


Fascinating numbers for Olympia Snowe. Her approval rating with Democrats is 25 points higher than with Republicans- in fact her approval numbers with Democrats are better than they are for many of the Democratic Senators we've polled on across the country this year. There doesn't seem to be a huge amount of support for switching her parties though. We'll also look at Obama and the health care issue.


The contest to be the state's next Governor is wide open with none of the candidates very well known. One thing that may be contributing to Republicans having an opportunity here are extremely weak approval numbers for John Baldacci. With a huge number of candidates we just had to pick a couple Democrats and Republicans to test to get a general idea of the lay of the land and none of the match ups we looked at showed anyone getting better than 34%.

Stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

you mean to tell me Olympia Snowe is popular among Maine Democrats despite being opposed a public option?!?!?


Anonymous said...

Olympia Snowe is a Republican in much the same way Heidi Fleiss is a "masseuse".

Joe Sudbay (DC) said...

FYI, to clarify, it's not a "gay marriage ban" on the ballot in Maine. Earlier this year, the Maine legislature passed a marriage equality legislation, which the Governor signed into law in early May. Opponents of marriage equality, led by the state's Catholic bishop, collected signatures to put a measure on the ballot to repeal the new marriage law. That's what is at stake in Maine, not a ban on same-sex marriage.

Jim said...

There is no gay marriage "ban" on the Maine ballot!

It is a vote on whether to repeal the gay marriage law that was passed. Get it right. It takes 5 seconds and not a lot of thought.

Drerunner said...

Snowe is good analogy of "wolf in sheep clothing". She's aware by now she wont be back as a republican for her next term if she runs ,her plot has been exposed.

She will follow and switch just like Spector. It's a career for folks like Spector and Snowe . It's not about public service at all. This is their gimmick and they are using it well to gain money and power for they and their family. Not one else. Dam the American people,it's about them.

Snow and Spector didn't have to take the wall street path,it's been handed to them with ease by sitting in congress for years and acting on what's good for them personally and not what's good for America.

Hopefully, the American peole will begin to wake up and see the majority of folks in congress (like the slimy congressman Rangel )use being a representative in congress as a gimmick to gain personal wealth

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