Friday, October 2, 2009

Warner tops for recent popularity

Mark Warner is Virginia's favorite Governor of the last 20 years. He was the choice of 40% of respondents in a recent PPP survey on the matter, followed in second place by George Allen at 31%.

The rest of the recent Governors received limited support, with Doug Wilder at 11% and Tim Kaine and Jim Gilmore at 9%.

Predictably Warner is tops among Democrats at 60% and Allen is in first place with Republicans at 59%. Interestingly though Warner actually edges out Gilmore for second place with the GOP, 16% to 15%, a testament both to his crossover appeal and how unenamored voters in the state are now with Gilmore.

Despite Doug Wilder's status as the state's first black Governor, Warner is most popular with African American voters, beating Wilder 44-31 in that demographic. It's another indication that Wilder's failure to endorse Creigh Deeds is irrelevant when he still has the support of Warner, Barack Obama, and Tim Kaine.

When it comes to who their least favorite Governor of that period is Virginians pick Jim Gilmore, who edges out Tim Kaine 30-26. George Allen's next at 20%, followed by Doug Wilder at 17%, and Mark Warner at 7%.

The most interesting thing on those numbers is that both Democrats and African Americans have a dimmer view of Gilmore than Allen. We found last month that Allen's current standing in the state wasn't too bad and this may be further confirmation that Macaca was not a permanent career killer.

47% of Democrats said Gilmore was their least favorite to 32% for Allen. Among Republicans Kaine is the clear choice as least favorite, taking 45% to Wilder's 25%.

Full results here

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