Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Looking at the undecideds in New Jersey

The 8% of voters who remain undecided in New Jersey are a Democratic leaning lot. But is that a good sign for Jon Corzine or not?

Of the remaining voters who haven't made their minds up at all, 37% are Democrats to 22% Republicans. They report having voted for Barack Obama by a 50-40 margin last fall and say they voted for Corzine by a 58-25 margin four years ago.

Usually you'd look at those numbers and say they're stubborn base voters who will eventually come home, advantage Corzine.

The thing is they don't like him- just 17% have a favorable opinion of him. But they don't like Chris Christie either- just 20% view him positively.

Will they begrudgingly vote for their party, even if they don't like the candidate, cast a protest vote for Daggett, or stay at home? In a race that's looking incredibly close the answer to that question could be decisive, if also decidedly unclear at the moment.

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Anonymous said...

Why don't you stuff your wishful polling down your liberal throat?
Let's face fact: The Democrats who don't turn their backs on the OBAMA agenda are going down. It's a lie to say the majority of Americans want Socialized health care. That is bull and if they ram it down our throats when they know we do not want it, they are history in 2010 and meet their death in 2012 and will never get power again. So wish and keep those delusions active. You all will see the truth soon.

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