Monday, October 5, 2009

Schedule for the Duration

Here is our polling schedule for the rest of the 2009 general election season:

Tuesday, October 13th: New Jersey
Tuesday, October 20th: Virginia, Charlotte Mayor
Tuesday, October 27th: Virginia, New Jersey
Sunday, November 1st/Monday, November 2nd: Virginia, New Jersey, Charlotte Mayor, Chapel Hill Mayor

Those who have been following us for a while may remember that on the Thursday and Sunday nights before the election last year we stayed up until about 5 AM crunching the numbers on the polls whose field periods had ended those nights and getting the results out as soon as possible. We'll do the same on our final round of polls for 2009 but with only four places to make final calls the nights will mercifully not be as long as they were last time. I get tired just thinking about those nights, although it was certainly fun.

We're also going to do a Maine poll sometime between now and the election but haven't settled on timing for that.

And after the election we'll be open to suggestions on how to structure our polling schedule for 2010. I anticipate we will begin monthly tracking of the Texas GOP primary for Governor in November but beyond that haven't given it much thought.


DavidNYC said...

Ah, Tom, you guys are the best! If you're going to do Maine, might as well throw in the Gov race. We got pretty uninteresting results with R2K, but would like to confirm the level of (dis)engagement one way or the other.

Any way we could persuade you to add in an NY-23 poll?

Jeff said...

One state that might be good to poll for the early 2010 cycle is Illinois for the Democratic Senate and Governor primaries. Both races have clear frontrunners but underdogs prominent enough to win. Probably wouldn't be a tracking poll since the primary is so soon (February) but a poll or two may be interesting and surprising.

ChuckInSeattle said...

Can't wait for the Maine poll!

Between marriage equality, and the Public Option, and Snowe and Obama approval ratings, and the 2010 guv race, there will be a lot in there!

Anonymous said...

Well, there will be a special-election in Texas in May, and a special primary for MA-Sen in December and General in January...

Brandon K said...

Are you going to attempt to poll NY-23?

Rasmus said...

If there are still open questions on one of the polls, I'd love to see another 'fringe' question. However, I completely understand that you don't want to apall your sample by asking 'silly' questions like 'Is Obama the antichrist?'.

My suggestion, and as far as I know no polling firm has done that before, would be to ask favorability questions for the Obama daughters.

I think disapproving of Obama is totally reasonable. Also, seeing Michelle Obama unfavorably can have valid reasons. But I think someone who has a negative opinion of Malia and Sasha belongs to the fringe.

Anonymous said...

Why don't you poll NY-23?

Stephen Wong said...

Tom, with the new CBO analysis of the Baucus bill putting the total cost at $829bln and total federal savings at $81bln over 10-years, I was wondering if it might be worth polling what Americans thought about Obama's health plan if it actually lowered the federal deficit over 10-years. My guess is that support for the bill would increase quite a bit, but it would be interesting to see the numbers.

Anonymous said...

MI-07 and MI-09 interest me for 2010.

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