Wednesday, October 28, 2009

New Jersey Polls

In the time we've been polling nationally I've never seen a race where the IVR and live interviewer polls told two stories as different as the New Jersey Governor's race.

All 9 IVR polls this month have shown Chris Christie in the lead. 6 out of the 9 live interviewer polls have shown Corzine in the lead.

7 out of the 9 IVR polls have shown the lead between 2-4 points. The last four live interviewer polls released have all shown Corzine up by at least 3 points.

It'll be interesting to see if the polls reach a greater consensus as companies release their final projections, but for now this is shaping up as an opportunity for one side or the other to show its mettle. Or if the race ends up being decided by a point everyone will come out looking roughly the same (except Suffolk.)

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