Friday, October 2, 2009

Wrapping up the week

We're going to be polling New Jersey end of next week, suggestions for questions are welcome. With the election so close anything we're going to ask needs to be focused specifically on the Governor's race or politics in the state (no Anti-Christ questions!)

North Carolina's on deck for this weekend. We're delving a little into the whole Olympic controversy to find out if it actually is a controversy- how many people really had an issue with Obama going to Denmark? For the heck of it we also asked folks whether they wanted North Carolina to make a bid for the Olympics in 2020. I'm in!

We also asked folks how they would define Barack Obama and Bev Perdue ideologically. I'm particularly interested in looking at those numbers on Perdue- I'm guessing conservatives think she's a liberal, but liberals don't. That would explain a lot but we'll see if my hypothesis is correct.

We're also polling on some energy issues in the state. We haven't looked at off shore drilling since the height of gas prices last summer and I'm interested to see if support for that has shifted at all.

And of course we'll have our standard looks at the 2010 Senate race, Perdue and Obama's approval ratings, and generic ballots for the legislature and Congress next year.

Stay tuned!


Unknown said...

Can you ask about negative campaigning in Jersey? I'm a voter from NJ who would usually go out in a second and vote for Corzine, but the negative campaign has turned me off it.

Anonymous said...

NJ's one huge issue (that no gubernatorial candidate will touch) is property taxes. Around $12,000 a year for an ordinary sized house in a town with decent (not great, decent) schools in Essex County, for instance.

Candidates who talk about cutting taxes are EXCLUSIVELY talking about state income taxes, which are a drop in the bucket compared to property tax, which can only truly be fixed by a constitutional convention -- the constitution has language in it requiring every student to have a "thorough and efficient" education, which the state supreme court has interpreted to mean we have to pay pay pay pay pay.

I'd like to see questions like "which candidate will do the most to lower property taxes," which should include both Daggett and a "none of them" choice, as well as "can property taxes be lowered without a constitutional convention" and "should a a constitutional convention be called."

Also, maybe something like this, asked of Corzine/Christie voters:

If polls showed Daggett had a very good chance of winning the election, would you switch your vote to him?

(I personally REALLY want to vote for him, but am scared I'll "pull a Nader" and hand it to Christie by doing so. Corzine is worthless on property taxes, but he's not Christie...)

Hopeful in NJ said...

I took the liberty of linking to this post at Blue Jersey.

My suggestion is to ask about the Open Space question. It's a ballot question to borrow money to continue open space/farmland preservation. I'm very curious if voters will go for it in tough economic times.

Official question site:

A newspaper article:

Anonymous said...

Ask whether New Jersey respondents believe America is the greatest country on Earth.

Ask whether they believe Obama loves this country.

It'd be interesting to see how many Democrats answer no to the first question and how many Republicans answer no to the second.

Anonymous said...

With Mike Pence now travelling to SC, wouldn't it be a good time now to poll Indiana ?

The state has not been polled for 1 year now !

Rasmus said...

Yep, and there's the reason why it isn't being polled:

Telemarketer to pay $15k to settle robo-call suit

DavidNYC said...

How about asking Daggett voters what their second choice is? Everyone thinks he's hurting Christie more than Corzine; let's see if that's true.

Anonymous said...

To Mr. Rasmus:

Is this law also banning phone "polls", not just "sales" calls, as the article exclusively mentions ?

I mean Rasmussen and PPP polled Indiana various times during the 2008 election and nobody filed a lawsuit in Indiana, just because they were polled on the phone.

Maybe Mr. Jensen knows more about the law in Indiana and whether it is allowed to poll in Indiana post-2008 or not ...

Anonymous said...

@ first Anonymous- Christie talks about lowering property taxes.
As for my question suggestion, How about the favoribility ratings of the running mates?

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