Monday, October 12, 2009

More on New Jersey

Chris Christie did better in our Saturday and Sunday polling than on Friday- for whatever reason there were a disproportionate number of Corzine supporters at home that night and that's why we try to always do call backs over a period of several days.

But our poll is still another confirmation that this race has become a complete toss up.

One interesting thing is that Chris Daggett is not polling any better than he was a month ago- there's been a drop in Christie's support and a commensurate increase in Corzine's, a contrast from a lot of polls that have shown Christie dropping, Daggett gaining, and Corzine relatively flat. Corzine's gain is largely a result of his consolidating the Democratic vote.

A key thing to note with Daggett is that fewer than half of his supporters are firmly committed to voting for him, compared to around 90% of Corzine and Christie's. I still would not be surprised to see him end up just in single digits, although I also wouldn't be shocked if he pushed up closer to 20%. It's just hard to assess a wild card.

Anyway we'll have it out tomorrow morning, stay tuned!

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limo said...

Yes, Christie is fat..

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