Monday, July 26, 2010

Hair in California

We'll have new California Senate numbers out tomorrow but since Carly Fiorina went there we did too...and asked which of the candidates voters in the state thought had better hair.

67% of Californians offered no opinion on this ever so important issue but among those who did 19% actually said Boxer's hair was superior to 14% who picked Fiorina. Voters in the state may be telling Fiorina to go look in the mirror before going after Boxer's hair.

Voters' feelings about Boxer and Fiorina's hair is highly correlated with how they plan to vote in the election, although there is a little crossover between hair preference and voter preference. Boxer voters think she has better hair by a 31-9 margin, while Fiorina supporters think that it is her hair that is superior by a 23-6 spread. With the all important undecideds 9% prefer Boxer's hair to 6% for her Republican challenger. If anyone can figure out the overall poll results from those numbers, I will be very impressed.

We will have much more serious analysis on the state of the race out tomorrow.


NRH said...

This question definitely needs to be asked along with all surveys of the Republican 2012 presidential primary.

How else will we know who's the hair apparent? *ba-dum-cssh*

Unknown said...

Boxer 51%, Fiorina 38%, Undecided 11%

Tom Jensen said...


You're off by a hair

Unknown said...

Was the pun intended?

Anonymous said...

The results have to be

Boxer 50%
Fiorina 40%
Undecided 10%

Margin of Error = +/- 2%

DBL said...

Carly lost all her hair from the chemo. So she has an reason for not having great hair.

Anonymous said...

just sayin that barbara's hair is very stylish in MA

Andrew Carden said...

I'll hit the nail smack-dab on its head...

Barbara Boxer - 53%
Carly Fiorina - 40%
Undecided - 7%

Anonymous said...

Boxer 46 Fiorina 45

The Interesting Times said...

I didn't bother rounding to whole percentage points, but...

Boxer 50.65%
Fiorina 38.12%
Undecided 11.23%

Tom Jensen said...

Some of these guesses are pretty good, but none are quite right

The Interesting Times said...

It's a pretty straightforward system of three equations and three unknowns.

If I'm off by just a percentage point, it's probably due to the rounded percentages in the original numbers.

If I'm off by more than that, I screwed up somewhere.

Anonymous said...

Where, may I ask, are you guys coming up with your numbers on the Boxer / Fiorina race? Daily Kos?

Rasmussen 49/42
SurveyUSA 45-47
Field 47-44
Reuters/Ipos 45-41
net avg: Boxer by 3

But, of course,I don't want to split hairs.

Rasmus said...

Those numbers aren't enough to derive the margin. It could be as high as Boxer 52, Fiorina 36, Undecided 12, or as low as Boxer 49%, Fiorina 41%, Undecided 10%.

I'll go with 52-38-12.

Rasmus said...

The Interesting Times,

it's less likely due to rounding error in the ORIGINAL numbers than to rounding error in the final numbers. We could look at everything from 18.5-13.5 to 19.49-14.49, of course.

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