Monday, October 6, 2008

As Palin visits NC, popularity down

Tomorrow Sarah Palin is coming to Greenville, North Carolina to speak of behalf of the McCain campaign.

Although Palin was initially very popular with Tar Heel voters, her popularity plummeted in the weeks following the Republican convention. While most people agreed her performance in the debate last week was better than expected, it has not improved her standing with Tar Heel voters as our newest poll shows her marks about the same place they were last week:


Palin Favorability







Although Palin is not a particularly big hit with North Carolina voters overall the McCain campaign is being savvy by sending her to Greenville. Among respondents who describe the play they live as rural her favorability is 41/33 and those in small towns like her by a 42/39 margin. Those marks are down from 48/25 and 42/32 respectively right after the convention but she is at least still a net positive, unlike in the urban and suburban parts of the state.

While the debate doesn't seem to have done much for Palin's standing in North Carolina, Joe Biden's reviews are improving. Not as many voters have an opinion one way or the other about him as they do of Palin, but Biden has gone up to a net favorability of +11 after last week's debate:







The full results of this poll will be out later this afternoon.

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