Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Council of State Numbers

Lieutenant Governor:

Walter Dalton 48
Robert Pittenger 36
Phillip Rhodes 6

Dalton appears to now be pulling away in this race after most of our previous polling showed it in the margin of error.

Attorney General:

Roy Cooper 59
Bob Crumley 32

Dear Mr. Cooper,

Please run against Richard Burr. You will win.




June Atkinson 50
Richard Morgan 38

Atkinson, like Dalton, is starting to pull away.

Full results here.


Full Infinity Flame said...

Speaking of Richard Burr, do you know where I can get video of the Bowles-Burr debate? Apparently he said something like "I think Bush is right 96% of the time" and honestly I think that alone might make a good ad(assuming Bush's approval numbers don't go up once he leaves office)

Anonymous said...


Does your firm ever do regular approval/disapproval ratings? I'd really like you to do one on Burr to see what his numbers are.

Tom Jensen said...

We did it in July and his approve/disapprove was 27/26. 47% indifference seems remarkable for an incumbent.

We will likely be doing plenty of polling about Richard Burr after the election!

Anonymous said...

From a radio program, the request has gone out asking people in heavily Republican counties in NC to call if they have been polled. Strange, no one has called. Either no one listens to this radio program or no one has been polled.

Anonymous said...

I think I would wait until this election was over before I began running against another Republican like Richard Burr. The people of NC will decide if Hagan, Perdue and Obama are the winners in NC. In the one of the elections, Jim Martin was ten point down on election day, he won. Obama even reminded people of New Hampshire.I think about an old saying "do not count your chickens before they hatch"

Full Infinity Flame said...

anonymous: Very few people actually get polled. There are over nine million people in the state and a poll is only going to get a thousand of them.

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