Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Perdue lead grows

Bev Perdue 48
Pat McCrory 44
Michael Munger 4

Bev Perdue is out to the largest lead she's had in a PPP gubernatorial poll since August.

The issue of Yankee trash may end up being what puts Perdue in the Governor's mansion if she is able to pull out a win in this race. One of the essential problems plaguing her campaign has been that while Pat McCrory is racking up huge margins in the Charlotte metro area, Perdue has not been matching him with an unusually strong performance in her home base of eastern North Carolina. She may have found the issue to help her do that though.

Perdue this week leads 55-37 in northeastern North Carolina and 50-40 in southeastern North Carolina. Even though Barack Obama and Kay Hagan are running better than Perdue statewide, she is now for the first time strongly outrunning them in the east. Obama is up 4 in the NE and tied in the SE while Hagan is down 6 in the NE and up 5 in the SE. A week ago the race was basically tied in eastern North Carolina.

The Yankee trash doesn't get dumped on Charlotte, or Greensboro, or Raleigh. It gets dumped in the east, and making that an issue over the last week seems to really be helping Perdue in that area.

Another way to look at it: last week McCrory had an 18 point lead with rural voters. That's now down to 11. Perdue is now leading by six with small town voters. She previously trailed by one.

A lot could happen between now and election day, and this race certainly remains a tossup. But if Perdue really has turned the tide, it looks like Yankee trash is carrying the day.

Full results here.


drew said...

Y'all poll on "Yankee trash," and here I'm thinking they're fighting over Northerners moving into the state. Kind of a North Carolina equivalent to Bill Ayers or something.

But, nope, literally a fight over Yankee trash. Hilarious.

And y'all wonder why you're below we Virginians in the Southern Hierarchy. ;)

(I kid, I kid.)

Anonymous said...

North Carolina is a Mid-Atlantic state. We are not a part of the Deep South.

Anonymous said...

I can not believe any one would vote for Perdue. The only reason I can find is because of party. Shame on you, this woman is a disgrace.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure about this poll. A lot of the races seem to be a few points further toward the Democrats than I can imagine.

That said, I'm glad Cooper, Dalton and Atkinson have leads. I just hope some Democrats come to their senses about Perdue.

Anonymous said...

Glad to see Bev down in the USA poll this morning. Her lead is only growing on PPP.

Anonymous said...

PPP is the only poll that has Perdue up by any amount. I think she is history.

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