Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Council of State Races


Janet Cowell 44
Bill Daughtridge 41

I have heard that Daughtridge is on television and Cowell is not- I guess I don't watch the right channels to see his ads. If true that would be a continuation of Cowell's disciplined campaigning in the primary where she held back on spending her money toward the tail end even as David Young went on the air earlier and saw his poll numbers improve. Given that Cowell is leading at this point anyway it seems she should be in good shape.

Insurance Commissioner:

Wayne Goodwin 43
John Odom 33
Mark McMains 10

Goodwin is starting to really pull away here.

Labor Commissioner:

Cherie Berry 45
Mary Fant Donnan 41

This is an improvement for Berry from last month although I'm not aware of either candidate really spending any money. Could just be statistical noise.

Full results here.

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