Friday, October 31, 2008

Michigan Results

Barack Obama 55
John McCain 42

Barack Obama is set to win a double digit victory in Michigan.

He's taken a 49-48 lead with white voters, representing a significant improvement in the state for him. Just two months ago McCain was up 54-38 with whites. Add in Obama's 90+ percent rate of support from black voters and it's the equation for a lopsided win.

Obama is up 53-40 with independents, and he's also winning more Republican votes (13%) than McCain is Democratic votes (8%). Concerns about Democratic unity in the wake of the fiasco regarding the state's delegation to the national convention seem to have fallen by the wayside in the light of increased voter concern over the economy.

Obama has a remarkable 73-20 lead with poll respondents who didn't vote in the 2004 election, but he's also putting up a good standing with some of the most reliable voters out there, senior citizens. He has a 52-44 advantage with that demographic.

In the state's US Senate race Carl Levin is cruising to reelection. He leads challenger Jack Hoogendyk 58-36, with the 22 point lead matching the largest he's shown in a PPP poll this year.

Full results here.


Sreenu said...


These numbers from all the states released last night and this morning look great :-)

Any info/teasers regarding the remaining 10 states you are polling?
Are all of them in the field already?

Tom Jensen said...

The reason we stayed up all night to release the polls was so that we could spend the day today getting the final ten ready to go to I don't have anything on them yet.

Sreenu said...

Thanks Tom :-)

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