Saturday, October 11, 2008

Udall continues to dominate in Colorado

Mark Udall 49
Bob Schaffer 39

Mark Udall has expanded his lead from eight points in a PPP survey three weeks ago to ten now. He has very strong across the board support- a 14 point lead with women, a 5 point lead with men, a 25 point lead with independents, leads with voters in every racial group, and a lead with three out of four age categories. In other words there's no group Bob Schaffer can really point to and say he'll benefit if they turn out in greater numbers because other than white Republicans they pretty much all favor his opponent.

Udall also has a 57-33 lead with voters who name the economy as their top concern.

Full results here.


p smith said...

Tom, any feel for when you will be releasing your NC and MO polls this week?

You will be interested to know that SUSA have just confirmed Obama up 8 points in MO (51-43)

Jen said...

Any timeframe on new North Carolina results?

Tom Jensen said...

We should have the new NC results out in the next couple hours. Missouri tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Any hints for NC? Noticed Obama got a huge endorsement today, from Dean Smith. I am sure that may sway a few voters.

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