Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Missouri: Other Offices

As Barack Obama's standing in Missouri has improved, so has that of most other Democrats running for statewide office in the state.

Jay Nixon leads Kenny Hulshof 52-39 for Governor, up from 48-42 when we polled it in August.

Sam Page is making the race for Lieutenant Governor competitive. The challenger trailed Republican incumbent Peter Kinder 48-37, now it's just 47-44.

Robin Carnahan was a cinch for reelection as Secretary of State then, and she still is now. Her lead has increased from 49-39 to 54-39.

The race for Treasurer appears to be extremely close. Democrat Clint Zweifel is now up 42-41 after trailing Brad Lager 41-36 during the summer.

The margin in the contest for Attorney General has seen the least change. Democrat Chris Koster now leads 45-41, just a slight up tick from his previous 42-39 lead.

Full results here.

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