Saturday, October 11, 2008

North Carolina Judicial Candidate Party Affiliations

North Carolina has nonpartisan judicial elections but most of them really do pit a Democrat against a Republican.

Here are the races:

Supreme Court- Suzanne Reynolds (D) vs. Bob Edmunds (R)
Court of Appeals- Jim Wynn (D) vs. Jewel Ann Farlow (R)
Court of Appeals- Cheri Beasley (D) vs. Doug McCullough (R)
Court of Appeals- Linda Stephens (D) vs. Dan Barrett (R)
Court of Appeals- John Arrowood (D) vs. Bob Hunter (R)
Court of Appeals- Kristin Ruth (D) vs. Sam Ervin IV (D) (High turnout in the Democratic primary lifted both Democrats to the general election in this particular race.)


Anonymous said...

This actually is VERY useful information for everyone to have. I always just leave the judge part blank because I don't want to mistakenly vote for some wingnut judge.

Anonymous said...

Party affiliation alone doesn't tell the story. It would be useful to know how a candidates characterizes his or her own legal philosophy. Check their websites. This website does not permit me to tell you how they define themselves but at least one tells it on that person's website. Most NC candidates of both parties avoid any judicial characterization

Unknown said...

If you look-up the SBOE(State Board Of Election) website you can find each candidate's personal comments on their views on the judiciary.

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