Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Other Council of State Races


Beth Wood (D) 44
Leslie Merritt (R) 41

Wood has led every single poll in this race, but this is the closest the margin has been as the better funded Merritt is able to run a more visible campaign.

Secretary of State:

Elaine Marshall (D) 48
Jack Sawyer (R) 39

Marshall has led by a good amount in every poll of this race.

Agriculture Commissioner:

Steve Troxler (R) 46
Ronnie Ansley (D) 41

Troxler is holding on in this Democratic year thanks in no small part to his carrying 20% of the Democratic vote.

A note on the Council of State Races:

We realized if we polled every one of them on our final North Carolina poll next weekend it would be way too long. So we decided not to poll any race where there hasn't been a poll showing it within five points at least in the last couple months. Congratulations to June Atkinson, Roy Cooper, and Elaine Marshall on their inevitable reelections.

Full results here.


Anonymous said...

Just some interesting information to pass along: Early voting in NC has now officially passed 40% of the total vote from 2004 (early and election day combined) with no appreciable change in party id or demographics (all are holding steady from where they were earlier). Looks like NC is headed to 50% before Nov. 4 comes. Hmm could this alter any assumptions made in polls of NC?

Anonymous said...

I figured Ms. Marshall would be ahead - ditto Troxler. He is pretty well liked. I predict an upset in the State Auditor's Office, though, and the office going back to the Dems.

Anonymous said...

Good to see Mr. Merritt has cut his deficit in the polls. I think people are starting to educate themselves on the lower ballot races (which shows with the big leads for incumbents Cooper and Marshall that should be reelected). Mr. Merritt has done an outstanding job and Ms. Wood does not have the experience for the position.

Thanks again for all of your hard work during this election, I have enjoyed following the polls.

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