Thursday, October 30, 2008

West Virginia: Down Ballot Stuff

West Virginians may not be voting for change when it comes to President, but it does look like they're ready to select a new Attorney General. Republican challenger Dan Greear leads Democratic incumbent Darrell McGraw 50-42 for that office.

There is better news for Democrats in other offices. Governor Joe Manchin is coasting to reelection, currently holding a 69-27 lead. He even leads 51-46 among Republican voters, something I'm pretty sure we haven't seen in any other polling we've conducted this year. His advantage with independents is 70-24.

Jay Rockefeller is going to be headed back to the US Senate as well, leading his Republican challenger 58-40.

Democrat Natalie Tennant is up 58-31 in her quest to become Secretary of State, and Gus Douglass is up 50-41 as he looks to make it an 11th term as Agriculture Commissioner.

Full results here.

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