Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Bunning popularity hits new low

Only 28% of Kentucky voters approve of Jim Bunning's job performance, our newest survey finds. 18% have no opinion and 54% say they disapprove of his work. That's the highest level of disapproval for any of the 18 Senators across the country PPP has gauged approval for since last summer. The previous worst before this Kentucky survey was 40% for Blanche Lincoln in Arkansas.

Bunning trails all four of the most mentioned possible Democratic candidates in hypothetical contests. The strongest potential contender at this point appears to be Congressman Ben Chandler, who has a 14 point edge. Attorney General Jack Conway, Auditor Crit Luallen, and Lieutenant Governor Dan Mongiardo lead by 9, 8, and 7 points respectively.

There does not appear to be much doubt that Republicans would be better off with Secretary of State Trey Grayson as their nominee. 46% of voters have a favorable opinion of him, with just 19% holding a negative one. He also fares better than Bunning against all of the possible Democratic contenders, trailing Chandler by 6 and Conway by 4 but leading Luallen by 2 and Mongiardo by 4.

It's no surprise that Grayson's favorability among Democrats and independents is superior to Bunning's but he's actually doing much better with Republicans too. While only 42% approve of the job the incumbent is doing with 36% giving him poor marks, 54% of GOP voters have a positive opinion of Grayson with just 9% dissenting. Grayson has said he won't run unless Bunning retires but it appears he would have a very decent shot of winning in a primary if he changed his mind.

Another mentioned Republican alternative, State Senate President David Williams, does not fare particularly well. Only 28% of voters view him favorably and he trails all the potential Democratic contenders by larger margins than Bunning.

November 2010 is far in the distance and Kentucky has shown itself to be a pretty conservative state at the federal level in recent elections. But at this point it appears the chances of Jim Bunning being reelected are very slim.

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TruthisTreason said...

Rand Paul 2010!

Norman Davis said...

Grayson has too much Democrat background in his past. Personally, I think Rand Paul would be much better than Grayson or Williams. Williams would have absolutely zero chance at any race other than his own Senate seat.

At least with Rand Paul we would have someone that has read the Kentucky Constitution and Bill of Rights and beleive in them. I support Rand Paul, a real conservative that will adhere to the oath he will take to protect the Constitution without compromise.

Liberty4Ever said...

The Republican Party has been making a lot of noise about rebuilding, remaking the party, etc. The biggest problem faced by the Republican Party is The Republican Party. We have faced the enemy and he is us! Republicans In Name Only have ruled the Republican Party and THAT has led to the decline of the party. They look for the marketing message that can return the GOP to favor, and they keep moving farther away from the party platform thinking that might help but it only makes matters worse. No matter how loudly the party leadership yells and the media cheers for them, the deficit spending, runaway growth of government, and loss of individual liberties can't be sold to conservatives. But the RINOs won't reform their ways. The cure is a REAL conservative candidate. Rand Paul is the man for the job. We need to demand Rand Paul! Don't let them pick another of their RINO pals for the loss. Rand Paul for the win!

Anonymous said...

Rand Paul is the only choice we have, that is only after Senator Bunning declines to run.

Why on earth would I ever vote for RINOs like David Williams or Trey Grayson when we can elect a real Republican like Rand Paul?

Trey Grayson even voted as a Bill Clinton delegate to the 1994 Democrat convention.

Unknown said...

The only chance we have to take our country back from the bankers and global elite is for guys like Rand Paul to run and win. Holy intervention is the only other option. So either on your feet and work for Rand Paul, or on your knees to pray, maybe both!!


Trey Grayson is a silver spoon fed liberal. He was a Democrat up until NKY turned into a big GOP majority. He and his wife supported a $48 million dollar tax increase in his home county last year. Plus as David Williams said about Mongiardo " he is limp wristed"

Constitution Lady said...

I demand RAND PAUL!!!!!!!!!!!

Mason said...

Mason of Pro Se America said:
Rand Paul is the only possible candidate that will protect and guard our Freedom and Liberty. Lip service is all we receive from any of the other listed candidates. We can look at their recods ans se that both Democrats and Republicans are socialist at heart and desire power and control as tyrants.

This is a vote for Freedom and liberty. I vote for Rand Pual and so should you.

Bryan said...

is rand paul... ron paul's red-headed stepchild?

funny name and a similar adorable internet fanbase

oooh he called it the "democrat party", the guy is brilliant!

Bryan said...

imagine my surprise


shock n awe indeed

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